Signature Juice + Nut Mylk Cleanse

$50 per day
Mid Morning
Later Afternoon
Green 1
Citrus (Breathe) 
Green 2
Beet (Wanderlust)
Green 3
Nut Mylk

Elements cold pressed juices are glass bottled and not pasteurized like the juices at the grocery store. Our juices are 100% organic, raw, and full of life.   Whether you're trying to lose weight, detox, or just wanting to feel your best, doing a juice cleanse is a great way to accomplish any of these goals.



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Choose a 1, 3, or 5 day cleanse length 
Cleanse orders must be placed 48 hours in advance of pickup.  Our juices are good for 3 days when properly refrigerated. Questions?
Call us @ 828-412-5701


*If you are worried or concerned for any reason about doing a juice cleanse, we recommend talking with your doctor beforehand.